We focus on good teamwork among experienced managers, well-trained engineers and dedicated workers to meet customer' diverse demands and high expectations. Our comprehensive services provide one-stop solutions for products to enter the market at the shortest time, from product development, prototyping, molds production to injection.

  • Mold Making Department
  • Plastic Injection Department
  • CNC Milling Makino
  • Makino CNC 5 Axis
  • EDM Makino
  • Mitsubishi Wire Cut
  • Mazak Intergrex
  • Sisma Laser Welding
  • Sumitomo Electric Injection Machine (30-350T)
  • Nissei Hybrid Injection Machine (360-860T)
  • CMM QC Inspection
  • Smart Scope QC Inspection

Mold Making Department

Our team of experienced managers, trained engineers and đeicated workers are ready and willingly to meet customer diverse needs and high expectations.

Plastic Injection Department

With 25 injection machine from Sumitomo & Nissei (30-860T), CAP can meet customers diverse demand